One of the best history books of the month of February.

Reviews for The House of Truth:

— Amazon

“Snyder’s account usefully maps a hinge moment in American political history.”

— Franklin Foer, The Atlantic

“Brad Snyder . . . has used their common living quarters and intimate fellowship as an organizing principle for a lengthy,
lively and exhaustively researched study of their impact on American liberalism from 1912 to 1934.”

— Lewis L. Gould, The Wall Street Journal 

“An accomplished, authoritative history of American liberalism.”

Kirkus Reviews

Advance reviews for The House of Truth:

“For the first time, we have the real story of this incredible little galaxy that included such disparate figures as Felix Frankfurter, Walter Lippmann, and Gutzon Borglum, and reached out to cultivate and invigorate the aged Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes–with profound and lasting influence on the course of American politics. Brad Snyder tells this story with verve and insight. This is a major work in the history of this nation’s public life.”

— John Milton Cooper, Jr., author of Woodrow Wilson: A Biography

“With his deep understanding of history and the law, Brad Snyder has crafted a notably illuminating and refreshing book. Deeply researched and finely written, The House of Truth brings to life a group of brilliant friends whose passion for justice helped shape what became known as the American Century.”

— David Maraniss, author of Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story

“This dazzling book provokes reconsideration of the Progressive era, legal reform and modern American liberalism. I know of no other work that so ably transports its readers into the packed and exciting years of the early twentieth century.”

— Laura Kalman, Professor of History, University of California, Santa Barbara

Reviews of A Well-Paid Slave:

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